Dragon Boat Racing – The Ultimate Team Sport!

Dragon boat racing – Always wanted to try it out? THEN DO IT! This is a great way to exercise and have fun all whilst out on the beautiful Nerang River!

We are looking for men and women who are, or would like to be, competitive, love the outdoors and want to meet like-minded people. Broadwater Dragons Paddling Club Inc (BDPC) was formed in September 2001 by a committed and enthusiastic team of experienced paddlers. The club’s main objective is to establish a competitive dragon boat club in order to develop the sport locally and to compete at local, State, National and International regattas. Every season a strong contingent of Broadwater paddlers are selected for State and National crews. The Queensland State Titles have recently been held on the Sunshine Coast and the National Titles are being held over Easter in Canberra, this year. This is when qualifying opportunities present to compete at World levels, last year in Hungary and next in France.

Build up those arm muscles fast!

Dragon Boat Travel Opportunities

Broadwater has represented Australia as a club crew in Penang Malaysia (2008), Macau China (2010), Hong Kong (2012) and Italy (2014). Broadwater represented the Gold Coast (supported by the Mayor’s office) at its sister city’s Taipei International Dragon Boat Festival in 2014, 2015 & 2018. There are many overseas travel events being held in Hawaii, Canada, New Zealand, around Australia, just to name a few. The opportunities are endless, an exciting way to see the world with like-minded friends!

Dragon Boat racing in the beautiful Nerang River

Dragon boat racing is the ultimate team sport and is open to people of all ages and experience levels. Clubs often have whole families that paddle. Why not have a go at one of our ongoing training sessions held on Saturday mornings at 7.30am. Everyone is always welcome. We are currently inviting new paddlers to prepare for the upcoming competition season. Training gear is provided; the boat, paddles & life jackets. Our club coaches and steerers are accredited. On Saturdays we often have our RIB (safety boat) on the water, too.

Dragon Boat racing: come join up!

It’s not just about competing, we take every opportunity to showcase the sport we are involved in with community, school and corporate groups. Our passion is just as fierce off the water as it is on. Broadwater Dragons Paddling Club is a proud member of Good Sports, renowned for it’s all-inclusive club culture – promoting good health, fun, excitement, camaraderie, sportsmanship and welcoming of all ages.

Dragon Boat Special Event

On Saturday 27 April, we are holding a special event for MEN ONLY to come and try and exercise that brawn and flex those muscles! This is a great opportunity to get a seat in the boat and test what this sport has to offer. You really do have to give it a go to understand the physical and mental determination required, all while being out on the water, a Gold Coast speciality. So guys, we look forward to seeing you there for a 9.30am start, bring your mates, it is some serious fun!

Where Will You Find Us?

Dragon boat enthusiasts unite! Our training location is at the Arthur Earle Park, Nerang. The locals know it as the skate park. Take exit 71 off the M1. We share our waterway training with various craft; wake boarders, jetski’s, fishing boats, kayaks and tinnies. At various times we are joined while training by a pod of dolphins!

Training times: Saturday: 7.30am, Tuesday & Thursday: 5.30pm. There is a land warm-up (you will need sports shoes for this), then on the water training for approx. 60-90 minutes. You will need to wear clothes & shoes that can get wet and bring along a bottle of water.

Logo of Broadwater dragons dragon boat racing club, based in Nerang
Broadwater Dragons… get those arms looking fine!

A Little Trivia about the Dragon

The dragon is composed of nine animals. The Yellow Emporer (Huangdi) launched a series of wars against none tribes on the yellow river valley & incorporated other tribes totems in to his own dragon totem after defeating them. The dragon has the antlers of a stag, the head of a bull, eyes of a shrimp, nose of a dog, whiskers of a catfish, a lion’s mane, the neck & tail of a snake, the claws of an eagle and scales of the carp. There are different types of dragons but the one used in dragon boating is the “Chiwen’ which is associated with water, living in the rivers, lakes and up amongst the clouds.

QLD State Champs. Our fabulous cheer squad in full voice! 🧡💙

Posted by Broadwater Dragons Paddling Club on Saturday, 23 March 2019
Dragon boat racing: Things can get shouty!

Coming Up

On Saturday 18 May, we will be holding another special event, the blessing of our newest Gen4 boat. The ceremony will be held at our training grounds in Nerang and will be attended by the Brisbane Monks with the official dotting of the dragon’s eyes. This is to ensure “good luck” for all who paddle in the boat, a tradition that goes back many centuries in Chinese culture. Look out for the ad that will be appearing in the next edition of the Gold Coast Chronicle, just save the date.

For more information about Broadwater Dragons Paddling Club and all the reasons you should come and try this fabulous sport, find us on Facebook: Broadwater Dragons Paddling Club, Instagram: Broadwater Dragons, or phone Kev on 0428 119 373.

If you are on the Nerang River, watch out for the Geese Fatties… they look like they are ready for a fight!

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