Baby Tigers! OMG! Squeee!

Visit the baby tigers before they get old enough to eat you whole.

Some baby animals are JUST SO CUTE. As youngsters they give no indication that in a few months time, they could actually eat your face right off your head.

Speaking of cute-but-soon-lethal animals… Paradise Country has two adorable new tiger cubs to show the influx of kids coming on their school holidays. By “kids” I mean adults who want to picture themselves snuggling with them. You know, before they grow big enough to see us as a type of streaky human bacon. I mean let’s face it with our vitamin D levels on the Coast we would all be delicious.


Look at them, already fighting on the first day of school holidays.

The tiger cubs will be the first of many visiting baby animals coming to Paradise Country’s Global Conservation Centre. The two female cubs, called Maliah and Melah will arrive at the park on the 29th of June.

These little cutie pies were born on the 13th of May and currently weigh four kilograms. Their diet consists of a special milk formula. I mean how hard would that be to buy tiger milk from the internet. There must only be like 12 customers worldwide.

These two will soon be trying to scratch each other's face off for the last bit of pig intestine . Catch them while they are still cute!
These two will soon be trying to scratch each other’s face off for the last bit of pig intestine. Catch them while they are still cute!

The park hopes to raise awareness and funds for tiger conservation. And get this for a fact nugget: There are more tigers held privately as pets than there are in the wild.

The cubs will be at Paradise Country on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sundays throughout the school holidays from 10am – 3pm.

Baby animals not your thing? How about some nice indoor gaming then. Phew.

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