The World’s Most Expensive Chopstick Set?

That’s not a chopstick! THIS IS A CHOPSTICK!

Gold Coast Master Goldsmith Paul Amey has made what could be the most expensive chopsticks in the world. If you are feeling a little fancy, then these could be yours for $198,572. And they will maintain their value, because they are a one-of-a-kind. This is family heirloom stuff.

The most expensive chopsticks in the world, being used as a hair tie
The most expensive chopsticks in the world. You can stab your food and feel excited about it with these.

The chopsticks took over 260 hours to craft. They are made from 18ct yellow gold, platinum, diamonds, and South Sea pearls. They have mother of pearl tips and are extensively embellished with platinum overlay onto the gold background.

The Chopstick Rest is made from natural ebony, overlaid with 18ct yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and South Sea pearls with a hand-carved mother of pearl leaf. The overlay is removable by detaching the base pearl, which can then be worn as a pendant.

Want to buy this for your lover? They come in a custom-made, cherry wood display box with brass trim and leather.

Let’s face it, no one will have chopsticks like this anywhere in the world. For those thinking of buying us presents to thank us for all the great reading we have provided, you can buy them here.

We will be waiting by the mailbox. ■



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