The Luxury Boat Life

Looking for a weekend hobby? Take a look at this for a lifestyle choice.

Australian luxury motor yacht manufacturer Maritimo are pumping out luxury boats – and boat buyers from all over the world are snapping them up. Based in Coomera, the company’s sales are up more than 30 percent for the 2018/19 financial year. The company made more than $40 million in sales at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in 2018. This year, they will be flat out fulfilling orders for vessels sold.

So why are these boats so popular with luxury buyers? Firstly, Australians are expert builders of long-range cruising motor yachts. Our coastline is almost 32,000 nautical miles in length. We face the Indian, Southern and Pacific oceans. Maritimo lead designer, Tom Barry-Cotter says he is inspired by the Australian lifestyle and beautiful coastlines unique to this part of the world. “The craft are designed and built on the Gold Coast with all the luxury you would expect, together with unparalleled engineering for long range capabilities and the elements to withstand the roughest seas.”

Secondly, Maritimo’s headline-grabbing X60 sport yacht is making boat porn enthusiasts drool. It was launched at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show last year, and has been an incredibly successful make for the company. Combined with its new sibling, the X50, these two models have accounted for more than 20 sales since their release. The X series appeals to customers seeking a sport yacht with aggressive lines and styling yet capable of true long-range blue water voyages.

Barry-Cotter flies across the world to flog his boats. “Fort Lauderdale is a massive show and the world’s most established and best-known brands are displayed there, but we had a constant flow of people gravitating to the Maritimo display to view the X60 and see what the sport yacht world is talking about.”

Maritimo’s build pipeline now stretches out to 2020 and the company is in the process of expanding its state-of-the-art Australian based production facility in keeping up with sales demand. Barry-Cotter says the X60 is one of the most versatile sports motor yachts available in the international market. With many boats already in production, bound for new homes in Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Europe, he credits the early momentum in sales to the boat’s design – the accommodation spaces are bigger and more innovative to that of its competitors.

The major feature that has boat porn enthusiasts excited is the X60’s “Beach Club.” It is an area on the boat that resembles a beach cabana. It has a stern-facing bar and galley that is on the same level as the swim deck. The “beach club” puts the cockpit and the swim deck in the same space by pushing a button. This means that the skipper can enjoy the company of those sunning and funning themselves, and isn’t isolated on the flybridge. It is this design – more casual and fun than previous luxury cruisers – that is making it sell so well. Plus, there are other design features that appeal to the luxury buyer – there are huge sunroofs and massive side-opening windows. With these open, the inside feels like the outside.
The starting price of the Maritimo X60 is $2,232,000. So when your ship comes in, you can swap it for one of these impressive beasts. Don’t forget to pick us up on the way!

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