Switch to Smart Fibre or you Could Lose Your Number

Businesses are being urged to switch to smart fibre now to keep their phone numbers, before traditional telephone lines are cut, says Netmode CEO David Stevens.

Australian telco Netmode is urging businesses to begin the process of switching over to next-generation IP-based services or risk losing their telephone numbers when Telstra begins disconnecting traditional phone services later this year.

Many business owners are unaware that from September 30, the old copper infrastructure that supports Australia’s traditional phone lines and the ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) will be removed, with the entire network expected to be decommissioned within a few years.

It’s Switch Time

National telco Netmode is facilitating the smooth transition for businesses switching from the old ISDN network to the latest technology for voice and data services. Netmode CEO David Stevens says the clock is ticking for businesses to implement a transition plan in time to migrate their all-important telephone numbers. “Businesses caught unprepared risk losing their voice service and phone numbers if they don’t start porting them to a reliable provider now, as it can take weeks for technicians to migrate phone numbers to a new network. As the country transitions from the old technology infrastructure to new carrier-delivered fibre or even wireless delivery, now is the time for businesses to adopt modern voice technology.

“We are alerting businesses that the deadline is looming to switch their phone service to Voice over IP (VoIP) because if businesses leave their run too late they could end up losing their phone numbers for good. Companies that are still to establish a transition plan are being urged to do so now to avoid being caught in a communication ‘blackout.’”

Netmode has been transitioning businesses from copper-based services to the latest fibre and microwave technology available, through its own independent enterprise-grade core network and infrastructure. The ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) licensed Telco Carrier utilises a combination of business-grade fibre and microwave to provide a high level of internet connectivity and security available anywhere in Australia.

Netmode director David Stevens
Netmode director David Stevens

Mr Stevens said businesses still using ISDN for their voice services would see a massive improvement in performance once they switched to a smart fibre solution running VoIP. “Business-critical technologies such as VoIP, video conferencing, digital applications, data storage, and cloud and co-location technologies require a robust communications network for successful implementation,” he said. The ISDN shutdown is an opportunity for businesses to advance their digital operations and leverage all the benefits it offers, including substantial reductions to internet and phone expenses plus a higher level of employee productivity. We know that businesses switching to smart fibre through our network are experiencing major improvements to their internet, with speeds increasing up to 200% from 50Mbps up to 1000Mbps. Netmode manages the telephone number-porting process in a seamless manner, but time is running out, so we urge businesses still on an ISDN network to begin the process now.”

Netmode’s team of expert technicians provide a smooth transition from IDSN to smart fibre and VoIP by setting up the new network parallel to the old network to ensure it is fully operational before making the switch.




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