Weirdos Wanted for Busking Festival

Okay weirdos, you are currently in fashion. A festival at Currumbin Creek is calling for buskers to apply to perform… The weirder, the better!

All “great unknowns” are being asked to sign up for busking duties at a festival called Buskers by the Creek.

So what level of weirdos are we talking here? The list includes: Watermelon-wielding jugglers, dancing poodles and human scarecrows. Who knows what level of weird you have in your mental basement. But come show everyone!

The festival organisers are on a mission to make the event the weirdest and wackiest in its six-year history.

Weirdos, come forth! A busking festival needs you now!
Weirdos, come forth! A busking festival needs you now!

The festival kicks off on October 18 and runs until the 20th. It is a family-friendly event. You will see 300 local, national and international acts including musicians, mime artists, acrobats and stunt performers.

Buskers by the Creek Founder and Director Cindy Jensen has put out a call for the “great unknowns” to come forth. “We are keen to tap into the great unknowns, those weird and wonderful performers who have unique talents. These talents deserve to be shared with the most supportive audiences they’ll ever have the pleasure of performing for. Nothing is too absurd or offbeat. I know there are amazing people out there who are second-guessing themselves but they should seriously just do it.”

Weirdos, Show Yourself

There are many talented performers hiding away from the world, thinking they don’t have what it takes to make the cut. But Buskers by the Creek is the perfect environment to get out of their comfort zone. If you have a friend who fits the bill, then encourage them to apply too.

‘Loveland’ is the 2019 theme of the festival. 20,000 visitors are expected to show up as the event “spreads the love.”

Since its inception in 2014, the festival has grown to attract crowds of more than 20,000 people.

Busker applications are open until July 31. Visit

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