The Weird, The Wonderful, The Flexible

The annual Australian Street Entertainment Carnival is about to kick off in Surfers Paradise. If you want to watch some bizarre, funny and crazy stuff, then get yourself there for the April long weekend.

It’s free. It’s four days. It’s family-friendly. It’s feral, a little. And, it’s on in the school holidays. The Australian Street Entertainment Carnival runs from April 19–22 and attracts some of the region’s best buskers. If you want to see weird carnies, then get yourself to Surfers Paradise during the hours of 11am to 8pm daily. Most performances will take place on the main stage in Cavill Mall and on the beachfront.

There will be dare-devil feats like knife and fire juggling, outrageous acrobatics, energetic dance, amazing music, and mysterious magic acts.

Here are just some of the acts you can amaze your eyeballs with.

Floor Legendz

Floor LegendZ is a break dance crew with broad international experience. The team was formed in 2007 by two brothers (Nino and Vane) in South Germany. Now it has developed to an international formation. Floor LegendZ now performs with members from Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela and France at many places around the globe – Berlin, London, Paris, Seoul, Sydney, Taipei and now the Gold Coast.

If you catch these guys, you will see stunning acrobatics, impressive dance performances, supreme body control and fast turns around the body’s own axis. Throw in some comedy and inclusion of the audience and it is a great spectacle! Info:

Rhett Morrow

Professional entertainer Rhett Morrow from BigStar Circus first hit the stage at the age of five. He was performing traditional Russian Cosac Dancing when his family opened Nanyetta’s Gypsy Taverne – a theatre entertainment restaurant in Adelaide. It was here he was introduced all different forms of theatre arts. However, a busker taught him juggling, and he was hooked. In 1997 he joined Cirkids, an Adelaide Youth Circus.

When his family moved to Brisbane in 2002, he joined Flipside Circus. He specialised in acrobatics, juggling, handstands, unicycling and more, alongside his sister T’La. He started busking with T’La at the age of 12 (T’La was 7) and founded a birthday party entertainment business when he was 14.

The company, BigStar Circus, is still a successful company today. In 2009, a fellow busker suggested that T’La and Rhett enter the prestigious ‘Busking by the Bay’ Competition, which they won! Get to Surfers to check them out! Info:

Bboy illwill

A born entertainer, William Sanchez aka “BBoy illwill” began his career at 12 years old, dancing and making people laugh on the streets of New York City. Born and raised in the Bronx, the mecca of hip hop, Will started dancing in the local community centre. As a young, impressionable Puerto Rican kid, Bboy illwill says breakdancing kept him off the streets and out of trouble.

By the age of 16 he was travelling and performing in theatres and at buskers’ festivals all over the world. Fast-forward to 2019 and has been doing this for the past 17 years. Much more than just a breakdancer, Will lives to make people laugh and loves the energy and rush of performing in front of a live audience.

What you will see at Surfers Paradise is a compilation of everything he has learnt over the last two decades of performing. It is a one-man show is a mixture of dance, comedy and acrobatics. Info:

Joel Fenton

This guy is an international award-winning magic, juggling and comedy human. He has been entertaining audiences internationally for over 20 years with insane physical circus stunts, incredible magic and side-splitting stand-up comedy.

Based in Australia, Joel performs over 300 shows a year at international events, festivals and functions. More than just another magician or juggler, Joel combines unbelievable circus skills with hilarious comedy and interactive audience participation.

Fenton has been hired by hundreds of companies and festivals to perform at their events around the world. Don’t miss him! Info:

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