Dracula’s New Show is “Bloody” Good

A new show at Dracula’s is raising temperatures. You may need to bring someone to fan you. Joanne Martin reports.

We all know Dracula’s at the Gold Coast. First opened in 1985, it was off the main drag in a converted shopping centre. The locals fell in love with the eccentric comedy and intimate atmosphere and soon the venue became known for the long queue that would stretch to the end of the block. The current location (between the Star Casino and Pacific Fair Shopping Centre) is a Gold Coast Landmark. For a dinner and show on the Gold Coast it’s hard to beat.

Dracula's talented dancers
Dracula’s talented performers. I could do that, I just don’t want to mess up my hair.

What you may not know is that Dracula’s has new shows all the time. It is worth checking back every now and again for all the new things they are placing in front of their audience’s eyes.

Dracula’s Nine Pints Cabaret

The latest offering is a cabaret dining experience called Nine Pints. It’s pure fun and entertainment. If you are looking for a great night out on the Gold Coast and wanting something that has it all… a combination of spooky, risqué, funny, aerial acrobatics and more, be sure to check it out. The iconic 34-year-old haunt definitely doesn’t have a 34 year-old-show running. Far from it!

The new cabaret show at Dracula’s.

This show is a modern-day burlesque show with a twist. It has a mix of great music (which will have you singing along), and puppetry. Also, there’s aerial acrobatics performed by two scantily-clothed identical twins, and a catchy song and show about sperm. Yes you heard that right, this was actually one of the highlights. It is definitely a night to remember and you may even learn something new while you are having a big belly laugh!

Dracula’s VIPs

Fancy paying that extra bit of money and being a VIP for the night? If yes, then you will get your name on the door. And we all know jumping the queue is always the best part of being a VIP! But wait that’s not all, you get a big blingy Dracula’s necklace so everyone knows you are a VIP.

Upon entering you will walk through a dark and spooky path. After this, you will be ushered through to dark room where you will join other big spenders/VIPs. You will be informed about what will be happening throughout the night. But – hot tip – don’t stand in the middle of the room looking up with your mouth open. You can find out about that one by yourself!

Performing the None Pints show
Performing the Nine Pints show.

As the name suggests, Dracula’s is all very dark, mysterious and spooky. The place has bodies in glass coffins in the floor. It has mounted animal heads. It has blood-covered (fake, of course) staff greeting you. All to scare the pants off you! 

Dracula’s Extras

If you are arriving as a VIP, you get glass of champagne upon arrival and hors d’oeuvres. You can sip on your champagne and take your time to wander around. Or, you can down it and get another to calm those nerves before boarding a ghost train, which takes you to your seats. 

If you are on a date – here is your chance to snuggle up, and pretend like you are scared. If you are with your Mum, well you can huddle up and know that she will look after you. This is needed when the scary…

Okay, I’m not going to tell you what happens on the ghost train, that would just spoil all the fun. But make sure you have your smile on. You may just see your face playing on the big screen later, keeping everyone entertained during the interval.

After you make it through the train ride you can find your seat, settle on in, and order your drinks and meal. Then, get ready to be surprised. This is a show that will keep you captivated, consumed and caught up in the array of entertainment.

What to Book

There are three levels of tickets: VIP / Cabaret / Show Only, so there is something for everyone. The food was delicious, and a nice selection to choose from. The whole Dracula, blood and spooky theme was even carried through to the desert. (Which, incidentally, was a delicious mousse with berries in the shape of a chocolate coffin!)  

The show goes on for around 3 hours with a break about half way through. A night at Dracula’s is a perfect way to spend a hen’s night, date night or night out with friends and family (18+). Go and see what all the fuss is about, you won’t be disappointed.

Book tickets here.

This show isn’t right for kids, so perhaps a family friendly outings might be better. Enjoy!

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