Dean Cogle: Who Remembers THIS Gold Coast?

The nostalgia was strong in this one! Unfortunately, the artist, Dean Cogle, died, surrounded by family, right before this exhibition at HOTA opened.

A retrospective celebrating forty years of works by local artist Dean Cogle was recently held at HOTA. The exhibition included his paintings, designs and illustrations that capture the Gold Coast’s iconic lifestyle in times past. Boomers and Generation Xers will know these images well.

Upon his arrival to the Gold Coast almost forty years ago, Dean began airbrushing surfboards for several pro-surfers, then later moved into graphic design, art direction, illustration, print production and graphics for surf wear. Dean’s representations of fifties fibro-culture and seventies walk-ups, breezeways and tessellated brickwork bring memories of happy summers past.



Dean Cogle died just before the exhibition opened at HOTA
Dean Cogle passed away just before the exhibition opened at HOTA

RIP Dean, the Gold Coast thanks you for your art.

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